Recent work


Is 3D data capture now a ‘necessary tool’?

In jumping back into the 3D data capture industry, it’s interesting to look at how the perception of laser scanning has changed drastically in recent years, moving from a “pricey gimmick” to what’s now considered a “necessary tool” in many sectors.


The UX guide to getting consent

In collaboration with Create with Context, we worked at the IAPP to create a useful guide for designing user experience to collect consent for personal data collection that is both meaningful and compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Interview with IPVM

This interview with IP Video Market, regarding how privacy is a looming issue for the security marketplace, was a blast to do with old colleague Dan Gelinas. In a wide-ranging discussion, we talk about the role of privacy professionals, how U.S. federal privacy policy is really falling behind the marketplace, and what lawmakers should do about that.


understanding the CCPA

In this piece for Document Strategy magazine, we outline why the California Consumer Privacy Act is the most disruptive privacy law the United States has encountered in decades. It stands to affect 500,000 U.S. businesses alone, before we move beyond U.S. borders.



Reporting on site from the EU

In this episode of The Privacy Advisor podcast, West Gray Creative Editor Sam Pfeifle talks with Advisor Editor Angelique Carson about the state of play for data protection in the EU, from just before the GDPR go-live date.