The west gray way

Here in Maine, we’re known for being no-nonsense. With lakes to swim in, wood to stack, mountains to climb, and snow to shovel, we don’t have time for a lot of fluff and artifice.

Here at West Gray Creative, founded by Editor Sam Pfeifle, we operate with a similar credo. We create communications, strategies, and content pieces that are direct, useful, and to the point. Eschewing marketing jargon, acronyms, and puffery, our team of journalists and designers will work with you to deliver information that your audience will find practical and interesting.

You have a story to share. A message to deliver. A community to cultivate. West Gray Creative can help you with that.


Services offered:

• Publication development and fulfillment: Whether a one-time printed piece or a periodical, West Gray Creative can take your idea and make it reality, from concept to print and ship.

Newsletter development and fulfillment: Email may be the bane of your existence, but it’s an extremely effective form of content marketing. West Gray Creative can work with you on list development, content for a compelling email newsletter that readers will look forward to, and how to use email for internal marketing purposes.

White papers, research projects, and downloadable content - oh my! If you’re looking for compelling pieces to drive lead generation, West Gray Creative can quickly create work that will drive sign-ups and registrations.

Digital and in-person conference programming: Whether an hour-long web conference or a two-day in-person event, programming is an art. If you want information delivery organized to deliver meaningful education, we can do that.

Video messaging: West Gray Creative has a host of experience in creating editorially driven video that drives viewership and delivers information in readily accessible fashion.

Web site development: Need an online presence? West Gray Creative can spin up a beautiful site in short order, with built-in newsletter functionality, custom email addresses, and the content required to make it clear that your organization provides thought leadership and necessary products and services.

Social media and message integration: Every message has a medium in which it performs best. West Gray Creative will help you craft content that drives social engagement while effectively driving people where you want them to go.